Multitalented Artist brings originality to Fresno


Twenty-three year old Fresno tattoo artist Sarah-Rochelle Fisher is a very unique beauty. In addition to being friendly, colorful and statuesque, Sarah is ambitious, intelligent, compassionate, and her talent is enormous.

Sarah co-owns Testament Tattoo & Bazinga! Beauty on East Shields Avenue with Josh Newman. The tattoo parlor opened in March 2010 and Sarah began working as Josh’s apprentice, performing her first tattoo on her trusting mentor. Sarah then signed on as Josh’s partner and expanded the shop to include Bazinga! Beauty where Sarah does hair cuts, color, and extensions.

Sarah’s parents are each others’ first loves and continue to have a strong marriage. She has one 16 year old sister, with whom she says she is very close. Sarah’s parents noticed her artistic talents at a young age and arranged for her to receive classical training in the arts from the age of seven until she was 16. She has experience with various artistic media including painting, drawing and sculpture.

As a child Sarah says she was “silly, boy-crazy, and obnoxious.” She was bullied throughout her junior high and high school years for dressing differently and listening to different types of music. Sarah mentioned that although being bullied was very hurtful and at times overwhelming, it motivated her to make her dreams a reality. She says she has always been passionate about art and music. Another of Sarah’s passions is musical theater, as she mentioned that she is “obsessed” with the musical “Rent.”

Sarah graduated from Bullard High School in 2006 and began modeling for bridal runway shows at the age of 17. She then went to the Paul Mitchell cosmetology school and began doing hair modeling. Sarah has also done some work with alternative modeling that features heavily tattooed women.

Sarah did her first tattoo at the age of 22 and says that the most rewarding thing about tattooing is that “I get the opportunity to put a piece of my artwork permanently on a person. Seeing their response – happiness, joy, excitement – that makes me feel good.”

As a Fresno-based artist, Sarah says she is inspired by the art scene in different areas of the city, including the beautiful murals in the Tower District. She appreciates that the city is family-oriented and diverse. As a person who has spent most of her life in Fresno, Sarah says, “I can’t imagine settling anywhere else. This is home to me.”

Sarah also has a heart for charity work and has plans to get the community motivated to join her in her efforts. She wants to get the shop involved by donating part of the proceeds from pink ribbon tattoos to breast cancer research foundations. Sarah also promotes an annual event in the Tower Theatre called “The Pink Show” that donates part of its proceeds from live music and a silent auction to breast cancer charities.

It is inspiring to see a young woman pursue her goals with strength, confidence and compassion. As Sarah-Rochelle Fisher follows her dreams she will continue to inspire the community that helped shape her into the talented young woman she is today.

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Natalie Carcavallo is a graduate student and childcare worker who has lived in Fresno since the age of nine. Her goal is to become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She love art, movies, music and traveling.

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